Ahinke's Cooking Show

Cooking Show
With A Difference

From the staple of Ahinke's Kitchen, watch dads cooking their favorite meal recipes with their kids. We hope that this show will help nurture harmony in homes.

About Ahinke's Cooking Show


We're developing a reality cooking show based on Ahinke's Kitchen that's all about celebrating family bonds.  Our goal is simple: by bringing dads, moms, and their children together for a fun cooking experience, we aim to encourage and inspire more families to cultivate harmony within their relationships. This show will feature different families with their children, and highlight parenting to its fullest with the recipes we cover.



Season 1


This season is all about Daddy's Recipe. The season will showcase a diverse group of Calgary dads who will prepare and share their secret ingredients for delectable, healthy, and tasty family favorites. You will get to know different dads as they share their unique parenting journeys, challenges, triumphs, and exciting experiences throughout interviews and footage. Dads are true superheroes, capable of performing culinary magic in any situation, including the kitchen! We recognize that it's not just about the food; it's also about creating memorable moments with family, acquiring new skills, and nurturing healthy children. Our hope is that some of these dishes will be embraced as cherished home recipes by our viewers.


Season 2


This season is about mommy's recipe. The season will feature a diverse group of Calgary moms who will prepare and share their ingredients for delectable, healthy, and tasty family favorites. You will meet 6 moms from three different nationalities who will share their struggles, triumphs, and thrilling experiences as mothers throughout the interview and footage. Mummies are superhumans capable of performing miracles in any circumstance, including the kitchen! Because we understand that it is not only about food, but also about spending quality time with family, learning new skills, and raising a healthy child. We simply hope that some of the dishes served will be adopted as a healthy home recipe by viewers.



All episodes available on the following channels!

Telus Optik TV channels 

Community Connection 345

Curiosity Corner 720

Game Time CH 985 

Kids Learning Channel 611

Art and Culture 710

Indigenous Voice 126

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